We specialize in social content creation that win customers’ heart & mind, emotionally and rationally. It’s not just a “wow” that sparks, but idea that truly brand-centric delivering one’s objective and benefit.

Content is the “fuel” that drives engagement, interaction and emotional bonding with a brand’s target customers. Digital marketing/ Content creation is not just only for fun, but we believe should create in a way that elevate one’s brand image and equity (win customers’ heart); or deliver a brand’s benefit (win customers’ mind).


Brand building/ communication is beyond just campaigns. From big campaigns to daily content opportunities, we produce a customer-centric stream of ideas that involve brand objectives, customers’ insights and creativity.


From “story-telling” to “story-creation”. We don’t just create stories, but with a social-back thinking of story creation. We create story that is highly relevant to customers: speaks their heart, inspires people and makes them recognize the brand who truly understand them socially.



Social Media

Video Production

Art Direction

Brand Design


Pampers HK (Better for You)

Social video that wins internet word-of-mouth (iWOM)
We tap into moms’ insights and tension points that truly win mom’s heart, and genuinely brings out Pampers benefit of providing the best protection for babies.

This video created 10X engagement vs average, with ZERO media boost, created 200,000+ social reach in just 1 week. Social net sentiment (iWOM) +20% compared with year ago. Moms love Pampers again, because Pampers cares their baby, just like them.

OLAY HK (Ageless)


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